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Meet the Team


Aliyah Dyson

Chief Executive Officer


Corie Cyriaque

Chief Operational Officer

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Saily Hernandez

Director Of Communications

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Abel Melendez

Director of Entrepreneurship


Raven Johnson


Our Story

IAME is more than a Corporation.
IAME is a Community of individuals who are willing to work together and grow together. 
Life has been challenging for all of us in different ways but despite those challenges we still remain steadfast on the goal with faith in our hearts. We are passionate about helping other people overcome their personal and professional obstacles so that they can become the best version of themselves. We want people to understand that their struggle builds strength and true strength comes from their ability to be resilient, transparent, and accountable. 
We take pride in empowering people to find their purpose and pursue their passions. We guide people to success by providing them with free access to our resources, mentorship, and opportunities that can take their lives to the next level. We continue to support our community members in a variety of ways and measuring our success not by monetary size, but by the qualitative measurements and effectiveness of our efforts.
IAME was founded on the idea that, "When I grow, We Grow."
This means that when I step forward, my community steps forward with me.
IAME is the foundation for growth and we dedicated the entire mission to providing services that will improve the quality and experience of life for all. 
Instead of walking towards greatness alone, Lets walk together!
The road to making this world a better place, starts by first making ourselves better people.
BE Your Best, DO Your Best, GIVE Your Best
with IAME.

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